Textile Recycling | AS Colour & Impactex

Give your old clothes a second life by recycling them instore

We have partnered with ImpacTex to provide a circular waste solution for unwanted or unwearable clothes.

  • 395kg
  • Diverted from one store alone over 12 months
  • For every 1kg of textiles diverted from landfill, approximately 3-4kg of greenhouse gases are prevented from polluting the atmosphere.
Textile waste has a significant environmental impact, with roughly 35 million tonnes of post-use clothing waste ending up in landfills annually. New Zealand alone contributes upwards of 180,000 tonnes. We've partnered with Impactex to provide a circular waste solution.

Our commitment to creating timeless, quality basics, that are built to last aims to extend the wearable lifecycle of all our products - keeping them out of landfill in the very first place. Then when your clothes have full-filled their reasonable life,
they are diverted from landfills, recycled, and repurposed into a valuable new material.
As a responsible consumer one of the easiest things you can do when your clothing reaches the end of its useable life is to bring it instore for recycling with Impactex.

Our Collection Points

Following the success of the ImpacTex bin in our Ponsonby store, we have now expanded the initiative to all of our Auckland stores. Simply drop any clean unwanted or unwearable textiles inside the ImpacTex bin in any of our Auckland stores.


What we accept:

  • ✓ Clothing items (jeans, shirts, coats, etc)
  • Hi-vis wear
  • Wireless Bras (incl. bras with their wire removed)
  • Bed linen (not duvet inners or pillows)
  • Towels, tea towels etc
  • Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic)

How does it work?

Once the textiles are sorted and assessed as suitable for recycling the items are decommissioned, removing all hardware such as zips and buttons. The textiles are then broken down through an industrial tearing process to create a fine fluffy fibre. This unique recycled fibre can then be used to create products such as home insulation, couch cushioning, pet beds, wall partitions, acoustic panelling, and so much more commonly turning unusable waste into their RETEX product (100% NZ textile waste and 100% recyclable in NZ) panels.


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